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Customer Engagement Solutions

Digital Menu

Enhances your customer’s dining experience with DINI ROS’s digital menu. The Digital Menu is a food exploration platform. The digital menu also gives you the possibility to tell your guests more about ingredients you use for your dishes or to tell them a story about you, your hotel, cafe, restaurant or wine bar.

Feedback App

Instant feedback to enhance customer experience and your business.

  • Fast feedback analysis.
  • True customer feedback in real-time.
  • Respond instantly and mitigate problems.
  • Confidential and tamper proof.
CRM and Newsletter
  • Send newsletters and offers directly to customers’ inboxes.
  • Integrated with restaurant management platform. No need to spend the time to enter customer information.
    Inform customers about company, industry news or new products, etc.
  • Conduct promotions and marketing campaigns.
  • Real-time insights into your campaigns and contacts.
  • Integrated with social media engagement platform.