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Digital Marketing Solution

Restaurant Consumer App

A dedicated restaurant consumer app to help your costumers order, pay and to send gift cards, study nutritional information on menu items and track their loyalty rewards points.

  • Lets your customers avoid the queue for their order to be taken.
  • Online table reservation and payment.
  • Communication with customers increases brand awareness and personalizes your services.
  • Loyalty programs to entice customers to earn points and rewards.

Restaurant website

  • Let your customers order food and reserve table online.
  • Ability to update online menus and coupons.
  • Offer a loyalty program with customization options.
  • Payment processing through the website.
  • All transactions will be processed through payment gateway

Social Media Marketing

  • Social media action calendar would be generated and shared with the restaurant, of every succeeding month.
  • Posting & uploading of images and videos would be the responsibility of the team in coordination with the customer.
  • Unplanned events and occasions on short notice would be posted within 48 hours of final approval given to the team.
  • Email campaigns will be designed according to the template approved by the restaurant.