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Restaurant Management Advanced

In addition to the POS app and order taking app included in the DINI ROS base version, the advanced version of this restaurant management app includes analytics app with superior options, kitchen app, and inventory app to streamline the functions in the best possible way.Analytics App Advanced

Analytics App Advanced

Comprehensive data dashboard allows you to monitor the performance of your restaurant. You can view your store performance and analyze consumer behavior in real time!
Keeps the reporting accurate, view transactions, and generate reports. You can get the customers’ and sales data right on your smartphone.

  • Transaction and performance reports.
  • Sales trends and prediction.
  • Automated menu engineering based on sales data.
  • Kitchen and inventory analytics.
Kitchen Display App

The Kitchen Display App sends all orders, irrespective of source, directly to the kitchen, thereby eliminating inaccuracies and paper trail. The app displays all the current, pending and served orders on the screen, ensuring that your staff does not miss any orders accidentally.

  • Records everything from food preparation time to completion.
  • Additional display to process your online order and let your customers know the preparation status.
  • Let your customers know when their takeout is ready for notifications.
Inventory App

The inventory app keeps your kitchen organized without much effort.

  • Stock monitoring and raw material management.
  • Recipe management and pricing.
  • Central kitchen management.
  • Shelf life management.
  • Manage roles and permissions.
  • Analyse inventory trends.
  • Keep track of stock and maintain accuracy.