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Restaurant Management

DINI ROS is a mobile-based restaurant management solution built by US-based restaurant tech provider Ekaart Digital Systems Inc. All our apps can be installed on any mobile device or smartphone or tablet of your choice. The software is designed to give restaurants all the tools it needs to accelerate service and increase the efficiency of operations. The system offers customizable options that are ideal for any restaurant type including fine dining restaurants, fast food chains, cafes, bakeries etc. Regardless of the type of your restaurant, DINI ROS helps the employees to complete their tasks efficiently at the level of their operational style and business.

 Point of Sale System

The cloud-based POS integrated with online platforms performs the role of an electronic point-of-sale terminal, or a cash register, in wireless devices such as tablets and smartphones. It allows all orders like dine-in orders, consumer app orders, takeout and delivery orders, waitlist and reservation requests from consumers, and real-time reporting of sales.

 Order Taking App

The order taking app gives your guests control over the restaurant experience with the choice to order through a tablet or any mobile phone. All orders captured in will be auto-inserted in POS, for KOT and bill printing. Our software has an intuitive graphical user interface, permitting employees to be easily trained on the system, speeding employee adoption, reducing user errors, lowering operational costs in capturing and executing orders.

  • 12% increase in sales.
  • 20 % more customer retention.
  • Improved operational efficiency.
Analytics App

The analytics app lets you make smart decisions for your restaurant and to monitor the performance of your restaurant in real time!

Keeps the reporting accurate, view transactions and generate reports. You can get the customers’ and sales data right on your smartphone.