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Are you aware of food wastage in your restaurant?

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

When we talk about food wastage it requires a lot of analysis and planning. Order ingredients on time, balance your finances, know what you’re having excess in the kitchen and manage your staff amidst a world of other concerns. It is also important to know about portions you serve and food left uneaten.

The first step to reducing waste is to find out how much you’re wasting, to begin with, and what kind of waste your establishment is producing.

It is very important to track your food. Having an inventory app is of great help. It can easily track whats thrown out, whats excess and what is your alternative without the hassle of a pencil and paper. Keeping a daily log of the restaurant traffic, peak hours at which food is thrown away, food wastage, portion being saved correctly and understand your own customers is a crucial step. For example, if you serve 300 guests per day and you find that it leads to food wastage conduct a food audit and act immediately to avoid further issues. These inventory apps make it easier for the chefs to get a baseline of how much traffic to expect, based on the previous findings, they will have a better sense of how much food to order. As years go by, this data becomes more and more valuable because the trends become clearer.

Many POS systems feature daily log capabilities, but it is also highly important to choose the right one for your business.

This is an area where you likely have the most opportunity for positive change because there are many factors within your control when it comes to ordering, storing, and prepping your ingredients as well as how you handle surplus ingredients.


Luckily, the Dini offers tools for monitoring food waste management that can give you an idea of how cost-effective some of the above methods can be and which ones could be a good fit for your business.


Even if your business seems to have a good handle on its production of food waste, it’s never a bad idea to dive a little deeper into how much waste you produce on a daily basis. Your community, your planet, and your wallet will thank you.

At ekaart, we designed Dini– the voice-based Restaurant Operating System. Dini apps help automate restaurant operations and capture data in real-time. This results in improved quality and operational excellence for the restaurant. Restaurants also benefit indirectly from better customer experiences and reduced marketing spends.

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