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ekaart bridges the gap and opens new horizons for business in restaurants

Updated: Sep 7, 2020


Restaurants are a surprisingly familiar but strange group of business. For the foodie, it’s a swarm of options to watch out for. Various cuisines, different types of servicing, wide choice of ambience and a lot more. Proliferation of choices, in fact.

But turning to the other side of the table and there is a set of people who made possible this abundance of choice for the consumer (or the foodie). They are to be seen as a system of people working to achieve the same goal through delivering food to the table– customer satisfaction. This system at the smallest level includes a restaurant owner, manager, chef and staff including the bussers, hosts, prep cooks and servers.

With the abundance of players in the industry, competition is breathing down every restaurant’s neck to deliver something better. Restaurants unanimously find it difficult to achieve, though. Primary reasons include issues in finding good wait staff, inefficient training systems and lack of information for making crucial decisions.

ekaart began to address these gaps in restaurants. With the strong technical upbringing of ekaart’s development team, the solution brought out was nothing short of amazing. Storming into the tablet PC era, ekaart made it possible for restaurants to take advantage of both enterprise mobility and cloud technology.

What is ekaart and what does it do to restaurants?

Plain and simple – ekaart is a tablet application. Given wait staff with ekaart tablet in hand, their performance increase exceptionally. While this is attributed to ekaart’s comprehensive order taking platform, the underlying technology connecting the wait staff to the kitchen and Point-of-Sale (POS) make it truly possible.

With ekaart, up-selling in restaurants happen with ease. Either the wait staff or the customer get suggestions based on their orders. This not just reduces the headache of the manager who is bound to keep a check on the wait staff’s upselling skills, ekaart also streamlines training systems. ekaart provides a digital training platform for restaurants to easily share training files with the staff.

ekaart’s subscription based service for restaurants also gives owners and managers analytical reports to help make more better decisions. The ekaart restaurant dashboard gives real time indicators and snapshot of the business, making decision making quicker. And the best part is– the analytics, dashboard and all related data is managed on a secure cloud. That means, the restaurant owner has to worry no more when stepping out of office or going on vacation. Because it’s all accessible by them anytime, anywhere, through ekaart’s cloud technology.

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