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Game-changing insights you can get on the go about your restaurant

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

I am a manager of a restaurant in Toronto. It has been 3 years and this realization struck me only a year ago. You might not know what is happening at your restaurant when you are away. You might want to know about your updates, feedbacks, control theft, everything on the go.

Your analysis reports are home to tons of data ready and able to take your restaurant to the next level– start leveraging them.

It is important!

I will share the most important and game-changing insights you need to know when you are out of your restaurant. Hope this helps.

Sales metrics, reports on the hours your staff has worked, inventory counts– data, most profitable dish in your restaurant and a lot more. These powerful insights within it can help you make better, more informed business decisions for your restaurant.


It is important to gauge the number of outlets currently open and serving your customers.

  1. Access all the sales data, the total number of bills generated, the number of discounts offered, etc. all on your mobile phone.

  2. Instant, live-data made available to you on your mobile eliminates the possibility of rigged data and helps to control internal thefts.


Create custom reports as per your needs to make smart decisions for your restaurant business.

  1. Eliminate the noise of too much data by creating specific reports that matter for your business.

  2. View daily, hourly, monthly, and annual sales data for overall analysis.

  3. Assess the performance of your menu items by viewing the item sales over a particular period of time.

  4. Employee login and time accounting reports

  5. Maintain a tight control over your business by reporting and filing all activities.



View simple, and easy to understand graphical representation of data for quick analysis.

  1. Cut through the noise of complicated data by viewing reports in the form of simple graphs, tables, and pie-charts.

  2. Analyze reports and create data-driven decisions for your restaurant business with ease.

All these are really important when you are managing your restaurant. Don’t get blindfolded and create perspectives without knowing your insights.

At ekaart, we designed Dini – the voice-based Restaurant Operating System. Dini apps help automate restaurant operations and capture data in real-time. This results in improved quality and operational excellence for the restaurant. Restaurants also benefit indirectly from better customer experiences and reduced marketing spends.

www.ekaart.com I Get in touch with a software sales representative today I info@ekaart.com

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