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How to drive more revenue to your restaurant business with a digital menu

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Are you thinking of upselling? Then, definitely the answer is digitalizing your menu.

A menu is a reflection of the restaurant so it is important that menus are designed well and showcases everything your restaurant is. Also, it is a great tool for advertising and plays a very important role in the decision-making process of what the customer wants to eat.

Give guests tablets loaded with the digital menu.

A well-written description can do wonders for the food items on your menu especially if the restaurant brings in a different cuisine that people are not very aware of. It needs to be short but appetizing and should put across all the necessary information about the dish like major ingredients and what makes it unique.

Create a new guest experience of selecting dishes

Remember, you shouldn’t be forcing customers to order things they don’t want. You should be helping them make their dining experience even better! This process becomes easier with a digital menu.

Give your guests a detailed menu with pictures and descriptions

Take help from our expert designers and content creators for innovative menu designs to be used in digital menu brochures. Photographs are important to upsell your menu. Entice the ultimate appetite of your guests through photographs and mouthwatering descriptions. Part of upselling is convincing. Make whatever you’re upselling sound attractive and your customers will be far more likely to order it!

Menu in any language of your customers

'Food for Everyone' is the key idea behind having your menu in various languages. Translate your menu into multiple different languages, attract customers from around the globe, and give them the best service possible with this modern digital menu. Not only can you use it to translate your menu into various languages, your customers can also order straight from the menu with just a few taps. Shorter service times, lower labor costs, and happy customers are just a few of the benefits.

Change your menu anytime

Updating and adding new items to your menu at any time. With digital menu, say goodbye to reprinting costs. Change names, ingredients, pictures, and prices of your products. Create seasonal or daily menus, set up happy-hour offerings, or modify the design for special days and events. Update all devices instantly with just one click.

Present your specials, offers, promotions

Increase sales of high-margin items by testing specials, promotions, LTOs (limited time offers) with no overhead cost. You can test different imagery, order, and pricing to see what impacts your profit with just a click away.

Provisions for health and ingredients display

Creating a provision to promote healthy diets by increasing healthy food offerings and increase the number of foods offered specifically as gluten-free and lactose-free and to inform patrons by including nutritional and allergen information that complies with Regulation regarding the food served in restaurants, takeaways and snack bars is an another important aspect. This can be easily updated and fed using a digital menu.

Guaranteed up-sell by suggesting dishes

If you want to be able to upsell, you have to know the menu. Every server should know exactly what’s on your menu and be able to suggest what drinks, sides etc., go with each entree. Instead of wasting your time on training and updating using a digital menu where upselling can be managed at ease.

Make your menu more informative

Being knowledgeable is important. If you want to upsell, you have to make the customers know your menu. It is also important to for every server to know exactly what’s on your menu and be able to suggest what drinks, sides etc., go with each entree. Make this choice easy for the customers digitally.

Let your restaurant be part of one of the fastest growing areas of digital signage i.e, the adoption of digital menu boards across the QSR industry. As laws and regulations change, most restaurants are beginning to see the benefits of going digital as compared to the, well, rather traditional menu boards. Let’s wait, no more.


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