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How to make employee on-boarding easy in your restaurant

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Now that you have completed the task of finding and interviewing the right candidate for your restaurant, the next step is on-boarding. Studies show that when employees properly onboard staff, it leads to higher satisfaction levels, decreases turnover and high retention rates. Not only you want to remain compliant, you want to keep potential hires happy and make them feel valued.

Employees are most receptive to learning in the early days of employment. To prevent your new hires from enduring disappointing experience, you’ll need a bulletproof employee on-boarding process.

Orienting new staff to your restaurant– who you are, what you do, what they’ll do, what their coworkers do, and the tools and information necessary to get the job done are the main essentials.

On-boarding is important for many reasons: providing a smooth transition into the workplace can increase productivity by setting clear expectations, boost employee morale, promote compliance, and decrease employee turnover.

Some restaurants (those with a small staff, for example) might assume that an informal on-boarding process– something semi-structured but largely ad hoc– will suffice. But without the fixed sequence of activities and events that characterize a formal on-boarding procedure, you reduce your chances of getting your new hire off on the right foot.

While the employee on-boarding process can and often does differ between restaurants, ultimately the goal is the same: build a committed, positive relationship between a new hire and his or her coworkers and managers, while also promoting consistent and on-brand service.

 Portland State University’s Talya N. Bauer refers to these needs as the Four C’s:

  • Compliance– The most basic aspect of an employee’s job. Compliance includes essential company rules, policies, and legal procedures.

  • Clarification– Even the most qualified and experienced new hires need a specific breakdown of their job requirements. The clarification process lets employees know exactly what is expected of them. You should also include in this process a summary of your company’s structure, providing information on who is in charge of what and to whom your new hire will be reporting.

  • Culture– Give your new hires a sense of what your company culture is like. What are the official norms of the workplace? What are the unspoken norms? How is work ethic valued? What kind of leadership can your new hires expect from their supervisors?

  • Connection– Networking is key to getting ahead in life. Your new hires know this, and they need to be able to network with other employees for information and cooperation. But more than that, your new hires need to be able to connect with others, forming relationships and giving human meaning to showing up at work every day.

These Four C’s cover the different needs your new hires have, but some companies are more effective than others at implementing each area.

Don’t forget to schedule a meeting at the end of the first shift to go over the new hires’ performance. Things to review include their general performance, attendance, attitude, cooperativeness with the team, amongst other job specific-related details. Do not forget about your staff’s approvals as well. It is important to hear their comments too since they will be working with the new hires as a team

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