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Know why feedback is critical for the growth of your business

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

The only way to fully understand what your customers want is to listen to their feedback. Gathering and leveraging user feedback is the best method in understanding the customer wants and needs, which eventually leads to improving the overall customer experience.

It is important to bring a voice to connect, analyze and review your business.

The feedback is critical because it helps to know your customers and gather their details thereby creating a solid database for your business.

Specific feedback

It is highly important to acquire specific feedback of the items ordered, the ambiance and the service provided to get an overall review of your customer service.

Real-time alerts

Get notified instantly each time a customer gives a poor review. This allows you to take damage mitigating actions to pacify a disgruntled customer.


Customer reviews

Show your customers that you care by asking for their customer experience through collecting their feedback.

Better information

Connects real feedback to checks to tell you what your team does well, and what it can do better.

More data

More data helps you to evaluate so that you can identify trends and improve your business today.

Private feedback

Stop spending hours digging through unhelpful, unverified public reviews. Get real, structured feedback.

Spend less for more

The only platform that enables you to break even or profit on every mystery shop is to get your feedback ready.

Customizable program

Fully customize evaluation questions to meet the needs of your restaurant.

Reports & Analytics

Generate multiple report types from the system for accurate analysis and a better understanding of customer behavior.

Multilingual Feedback

Generate feedback forms in different languages allowing customers to give feedback in their preferred language.

Instant Alert via Email & SMS

Automatically send an Email and SMS to the concerned department when a customer gives a negative feedback.

The latest trend is bringing in apps that help in creating useful and rewarding experiences for your customers. Implementing an app for feedback collection can help secure your business’s future success by enhancing the user experience.


At ekaart, we designed feed– feed captures various aspects of customer experience through customer feedback app in real time and respond instantly to poor customer reviews through alert calls. Feed helps build a better customer relationship, improve operational and service quality, gather business intelligence and increase customer base.

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