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Promote your restaurants with all new marketing tools

Updated: Sep 3, 2020

We know managing a business is no easy task, especially if that business is a restaurant. In the food service industry where competition is fierce, acquiring the tools and knowledge to make your business stand out is a daunting mission. Where do you start?

As you might’ve guessed, the answer is in digital marketing. With 75% of smartphone users accessing restaurant information on the go and 33% of customers increasingly influenced by seeing menus on mobile devices than any other information, the time to invest in digital marketing is now.

Here are some ways digital marketing can improve your restaurant business:

Develop Your Identity- You must develop your own brand. Your brand distinguishes your restaurant from its competitors and articulates the type of food and experience you provide before your customers enter your restaurant. To reach out  to your customers online digital marketing is the best way. Show public why your restaurant is unique with just a touch away.

Handle Online Feedback- Using Feedback apps really helps.It helps to know your business inside out without any mishap or mismanagement while collecting feedback.

Build Customer Loyalty- In order to earn your customer’s trust and loyalty, you’ll need to get a little personal. Having a digital marketing strategy implemented through your social media will help you maintain your customer's interest and provide a platform for which your customers can actively support your brand.

Post Photos- People eat with their eyes first. That’s just the truth. So why not capitalize on your customers’ senses? Knowing when to post and which photos to post will help entice customers to your restaurant.

Offer Promotions- Taking advantage of the proper digital marketing tools will help you obtain better results from any special offerings or promotions you might have going on. This will not only give your current customers a reason to return but also entice new customers to give your restaurant a try.

Create Content- There is no better way to impress and entice customers to visit your restaurant than by providing them a chance to explore your website, learn about your brand and get your restaurant’s contact information. Writing content for a blog on your website will help it rank higher on Google search, making it more likely to be seen and clicked on by a potential customer.

Social Media Marketing For Restaurants- Presence on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest or Instagram is a very important. Use these channels to inform your regular and future clients about everything what happening in your restaurant. If you have succeed to make interaction with fans you will definitely improve business and increase profits.

Restaurant Menu Design- Your new menu design can bring you new guests or make that your new guest to become regular. This can increase traffic by 20% if your menu is created professionally. The menu is the central (and unfortunately often neglected) part of restaurant marketing. Successful restaurateurs don’t use the menu that just "look nice and not sell".

Menus should be a successful tool and serve as the good advertising. This will happen only if they have met the essential requirements. This means that they are seasonal, visually pleasant, sophisticated, clear, various, targeted to a specific group of guests, and definitely must to be credible. This “silent salesperson” does not occur by accident– it needs to be strategically planned.

With the dawn of technology, this can be all possible with just a click away. Apps like ekaart can help you do all these by just purchasing our app. This simple app can help you boost your online presence, redesign your menu, bring online presence, engage in loyalty programs and a lot more.

To get a glimpse of the program just follow us on ekaart.com

At ekaart, we designed Dini– the voice-based Restaurant Operating System. Dini apps help automate restaurant operations and capture data in real-time. It is now easy to store your nutritional information and rare recipes without any wear and tear. This results in improved quality and operational excellence for the restaurant. Restaurants also benefit indirectly from better customer experiences and reduced marketing spends.

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